Sunday, September 25, 2016

Custom Built DIY - Challenger X Scooter Trailer That Is Just Perfect For...

When camped out at the state park or
even boondocking in the wilds I need something to transport my
fishing gear and such. In a moment of inspiration I decided to
construct a multi-function little red wagon. It is a a three in one
transporter! To haul heavy loads it can be configured as a three
wheeled trailer, to go off road with a load it is a two wheeled cart
and most fun of all it is a Challenger Scooter trailer. In this video
I outline and provide a demonstration of the three different
configurations of this DIY Challenger Scooter trailer. This cool
scooter trailer can carry loads as heavy as 150 pounds and is well
equipped to go off road thanks to the wide tires. Best of all this
Challenger scooter trailer can break down into a size that is small
enough to fit into the dinette seat of my bumper pull travel trailer.
To find out more about the Challenger X Scooter check out my review video here...

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