Thursday, January 12, 2017

Half Ton Tow Empty Nester Travel Trailer | 2017 Shadow Cruiser 193 MBS

Ton Tow Empty Nester Travel Trailer | 2017 Shadow Cruiser 193 MBS
kids are grown and gone! You can now get out and get wild! Wild and
far away places are calling you out to play! Thanks to this great
half ton towable bumper pull travel trailer you and your go far away
and create those exciting memories that you have been dreaming about!
You are not getting any younger! Stop waiting and just do it!! No
need to buy a big ole truck as this one weighs in at 6160 lbs and can
be pulled with a half ton truck!

Your will always camp in
clean comfort no matter how much dirty fun you have! No more late
night hikes down to the public facilities now that you have a full
bath and an on-board shower! You are fully self contained and can
set up camp way out in the back of beyond and still have all of the
comforts you require thanks to having holding tanks for fresh/waste
water, 12 volt power supply and two way power appliances! Many a
romantic meal will be created in your spacious and well appointed
kitchen and enjoyed while sitting fire side under the stars!

Now is your time for
Excitement, fun, travel and adventure! Grand memories are waiting for
you just down the road! You really Dont want to wait! Tomorrow never
comes and you can never turn back time! Your new life of adventure
and fun is just waiting for you right here in this brand spankin new
bumper pull travel trailer! Adventure and fun have called your family
out to play! Call Bob Barker The one, the only, The Original RV Guy
today! at 469-554-0440, and lets make a DEAL!

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