Sunday, April 30, 2017

You Will Be Turning Heads With This Cool Bumper Pull Toy Hauler! Work An...

You Will Be Turning Heads With This Cool Bumper Pull Toy Hauler! Work And Play 30WCR

Are you ready to Take your big boy toys out and live it up in style? Ready to get out on the wide open roads to fun and adventure? Are you ready to take your toys to far away places and create greand memories that will last a lifetime? Just imagine all of the many exciting adventures and wonderful memories that you will have with your big boy toys and the OH SO many exciting places you are going to visit while traveling far and wide and exploring places yet unseen!  With this great Bumper Pull toy hauler you are now fully self contained with holding tanks for fresh/waste water, 12 volt power supply and two way power appliances. Already wired for solar! Just ad panels and you are good to go! That means that You can now do some boondocking and dry camping with your toys way out in those remote and far away places that you have only been dreaming about!

 Just imagine the many long relaxing weekends playing with your toys, riding the trails and getting dirty! How about that weeks long cross country journey to wonderful and exciting places that you have only dreamed of! No more late night hikes down to the dirty and over crowded public facilities or out into the dark woods when you have your very own luxurious full bath with a spacious hot shower! Many exciting times and grand adventures are waiting for you right down the road In this very cool Bumper Pull toy hauler, Thanks to your roomy and very well appointed kitchen that features ample storage for all of your cooking supplies, many delicious meals will be created and enjoyed while relaxing fireside way out in the boonies!  After your days of fun and excitement you and your crew of six will relax in complete comfort thanks to the oh so comfortable queen size master bed and super cold A/C system!

Now is your time for fun, excitement, travel and adventure! Dont wait! Tomorrow never comes and you can not turn back time! Your new life of exciting RV adventure is waiting for you right here in this head turning Bumper Pull toy hauler!

 Adventure and fun have called you out to play!  Call The RV Guys today at 469-554-0440!

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