Sunday, November 29, 2015

Keep Your Hands Warm And Text Without Taking Off Your Gloves! Check out ...

If you have watched any of my RV video reviews you have most likely noticed that I always wear gloves. The gloves are as much of a necessity for me as a choice, because you see I have a chronic nerve pain condition in my hands that results in constant pain and the gloves provide a sensory override that helps to minimize the pain. I wear gloves everywhere I go. The one big issue that I have is operating my smart phone while wearing my leather gloves. When the phone rings or a text comes in I have to yank off the gloves to answer or respond. As a result of that I was so excited when I ran across these #GliderGloves! The have copper embedded into the fabric that make them touch screen sensitive! No longer do I have to pull off my gloves to send a text! How cool is that! They are warm and well made and should hold up to the rigors of my RVin lifestyle too! When the cold winds are blowing and you need to keep your hands warm get yourself a pair of these #GliderGloves and keep right on texting and sharing!
 You can find them on Amazon here...
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