Wednesday, December 9, 2015

MeCam X WiFi Action Camera Review And Demo

I have been thinking about investing in
a wearable action camera to enhance my RV reviews, chang4e things up
and keep it fresh. I did not want to spend any more than I had to so
I found a reasonably priced action camera on Amazon and clicked the
buy button. I wanted to share my first hand experience with you and
here is it.
If you are into action and activities
like riding a four wheel or dirt bike, you will really like this “Go
pro like” action camera! But if you are into reviewing RVs and need
to heard and understood this might not work so well. I am impressed
with the video quality, the ease of use and have plans to use it. It
will not replace the current camera that I use. Further experience
and use may improve my experience with the audio quality.
Check it out on Amazon

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