Friday, August 26, 2016

Big Ford Truck? Big Ford Truck Camper! Just Go Far Away! 2016 Livin Lite...

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BigFord Truck? Big Ford Truck Camper! Just Go Far Away! 2016 Livin LiteTC 9.2
happy will you be when you can just go away? When you drive a big
Ford truck and have a big Ford Truck camper you will love it when you
are told to go away! What could be better than hitting the open road
in that big ole Ford Truck that you love and just driving wherever
you want whenever you want without having to worry about finding a
hotel or campground? Thanks to being fully self contained with
holding tanks for fresh/waste water, 12 volt power supply and two way
power appliances you are free to head way out into the back of beyond
in your favorite Ford Truck and still have the comforts of home right
there with you!!

This truly is a complete
micro home on the road that fits right in the back of your big ole
Ford truck and with sleeping for up to three you can take a guest or
two along for all of the fun too! No matter how hot the temps are you
will rest in cool comfort thanks to having a super cold A/C unit that
can be powered with a portable 2000 kW generator! When you have to
“go” you do not have to head out into the bushes or down the road
to the closest facilities as you have a full bath right in the back
of your truck! Heck you can even take a shower when you want too!
let this be another one of those missed opportunities that you look
back on and say if only I had! You deserve to have some quality time
in the middle of nowhere with your beloved Ford truck! Adventure and
fun have called you out to play! Do not wait until it is to late!
Call Bob Barker The one, the only, The Original RV Guy today! at
469-554-0440, and lets make a DEAL!

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