Thursday, August 25, 2016

Boondocking Is Great In This New Ford Truck Camper! 2016 Livin Lite TC 10

Is Great In This New Ford Truck Camper! 2016 Livin Lite TC 10
it, you have the wanderlust upon you! The urge to travel around to
remote places and see things that few have ever seen is so
compelling! The ability to just get in your big loe Ford truck and go
is what makes this truck camper by Camp Lite so desirable. No worries
about dragging around a low to the ground trailer, backing into great
camp sites or messing with a weight distribution hitch when your RV
is sitting in the back of your F250! Thanks to the a handy remote for
the power lifting jacks loading and unloading is a simple as pushing
a button too!
truly is a complete home on the road that fits right in the back of
your Ford truck! With sleeping for up to three you can take a grand
kid along for all of the fun too! Thanks to being fully self
contained with holding tanks for fresh/waste water, 12 volt power
supply and two way power appliances you are free to head way out into
the back of nowhere and still have the comforts of home right there
with you! Built from aluminum and composite panels this bad boy will
last a lifetime and then some!

let this be another one of those missed opportunities that you look
back on and say if only I had! You deserve to have some quality time
in the middle of nowhere with your Ford truck! Adventure and fun have
called you out to play! Do not wait until it is to late! Call Bob
Barker The one, the only, The Original RV Guy today! at 469-554-0440,
and lets make a DEAL!

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